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Clinical jobs

You will find an impressive range of opportunities, from Nurses to Midwives to Allied Health Professionals, Doctors and more in our city. Search here for your ideal medical job, and you will quickly see exactly why Auckland is considered such a great place to work.

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Non-clinical jobs

Auckland's healthcare services need a range of people, from Administrators and Policy Analysts right through to Clinical Coders, Medical Typists and more. Look for a role and discover for yourself why Auckland is a great place to work.

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Look at the range of jobs available below, and discover why the breadth of opportunity means so many health professionals have come to regard Auckland as the best place to live, work and play.

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Nikki Holmes


In what area do you live and what are some of the lifestyle activities you enjoy?

Nikki Holmes.

Connie Krebb


In what ways does your DHB show you that you’re appreciated?

Connie Krebb.